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  • How do I store left over cake?
    Place left over cake in an airtight container and freeze it upto 30 days. When defrosting the cake, simply place the cake in the fridge and allow to defrost overnight in the fridge. Take the cake out the next morning and allow to come to room temperature for 30 - 40 minutes depending on the size of your cake slices. Please do not eat frozen cake.
  • How do I transport the cake?
    You can safely transport your cake / cupcakes on the passenger floor with the air-conditioning on and driving slowly around corners. Safest option would be if a passenger was able to hold the cake / cupcakes on their laps until desination is reached. Please dont let cake or cupcakes stand in the sun inside the car. Buttercream will melt in direct sunlight. Please also do not leave cake or cupcakes in your vehicle. Promptly remove them once at destination.
  • Do I need to pay a deposit for my order?
    No deposit is required. All orders need to be confirmed with full payment by bank transfer prior to pick up of product(s). Please note we take a limited number of orders per week and we base our schedule on a first paid/first serve policy.
  • Do you copy other cake styles?
    We do not copy other bakers' designs. Please provide us with a rough idea of the colour/theme/style and we will design a unique cake just for you. We do best with creative freedom and we are open to discussing your thoughts on the design of your cake.
  • Do you make Gluten Free Cakes?
    Yes we do (on request) and a little surcharge my apply due to the additional ingredients we will need. Please note with gluten free flours, the texture of the cakes may differ to standard flour.
  • Are you a nut free kitchen?
    We are not a nut free kitchen. Please refer to our Policy Page.
  • How do i store the cake?
    Our cakes can be stored up to 4 days in the fridge. Decorations may vary during the time of storage, therefore if you are not going to eat the cake on the day of pick up, cake should be stored in cake boxed as given in a fridge with no odours i.e. bar fridge. Once you are ready to serve the cake, bring the cake to room temperature at least 45 minutes to 1 hour before cutting. Buttercream is best eaten soft and will make for cutting the cake easier. Note, if cake is cut before the 45 minute mark, buttercream may be hard and pull away from the sponge. Please ensure sufficient time is given for the cake to come to room temperature. Please do not let cake stand in the sun whether outside or through a window. Buttercream and / or decorations may melt.
  • How much notice is needed to take a booking?
    We would recommend a minimum 2 week notice to place an order.
  • How do I cut the cake?
    Our cakes are designed to be cut in a grid like format. Start by cutting about 1 inche from the edge of the cake all the way down and place the slice of cake onto a cutting board. Cut and distribute the pieces of cake. Continue cutting the rest of the cake in this manner. You will maximise your portions using this method.
  • Do you offer delivery?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer delivery. All orders will be for pick up on Fridays of each week or on mutually agreed upon pick up date and time.
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